Rapid X-Ray has a new Chiropractic specific Digital X-Ray line featuring the Viztek 20/20 Imaging DR flat panel Chiropractic Imaging system. 

The two new Digital x-ray systems have been installed at Cornerstone Chiropractic, a newly opened Chiropractic facility owned by Dr. Tyler Peterson at 8470 City Centre Drive in Woodbury MN and another installed at Caring Chiropractic owned by Dr. Ken Ruf at 10811 Xavis Street N.W. in Coon Rapids MN.

Both Dr. Peterson and Dr. Ruf  have shown their dedication to giving their patients the best possible treatments and best possible outcomes by investing in the highest technology equipment available. Patients will now receive lower doses of radiation during their x-ray exams while the doctors will be able to review the highest quality images and most advanced diagnostic tools available on the market! Congratulations on the new facility Dr. Peterson and continued success to you Dr. Ruf!

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